Dara for Korean Step Up?

Step Up is a movie popular in U.S that feature dancing and hip hop together.Aw, how original not really but Flo Rida “Low” featuring T-Pain was a really popular song thanks to the movie.A Korean movie company wants to re-due this but their version that might feature Dara from 2NE1.

“As of now, we’ve given Sandara Park a copy of the script. She is great at singing and dancing. We’ve seen her talent in acting through movies and dramas from the Philippines and Korea. She would fit the role perfectly.”

A rep for YG had this to add.

“We’ve gotten a lot of offers [from other parties] aside from this script. Since she did acting in the Philippines and received acting training as a YG trainee, you can expect to see her as an actress in the future.”

That is a true fact Dara was a semi popular Filipino actress before switching over to YG.Korean netziens are just not buying it and had some rather rude comments.

“Stick to practicing your singing, Dara ~ You sing worse than maknae Minzy -_-”
“Her acting will probably be better than Yoona’s, right? kekekekeke”
“Figures… Bom, whose face remains frozen and emotionless from botox injections, can’t act.
We all know the reason why CL and Gong Minzy can’t act either, right?
Sandara Park is the only one left …….
Still, it’s annoying that a girl who can’t even sing is going to play the main lead of a movie”

Damn those netizens are so evil but have a valid point.In the past Dara admitted she wasn’t a good singer or dancer.  That she has practiced to get better at it day by day.Dara was an actress before she stared debuting with 2NE1.So in a way she is kinda going back to her roots but displaying some or her new skills.I’m not a fan of Dara personally cause she is way to narcissistic for my taste.To see her show off some acting skills in a task she is known for having difficulties I’ll give her my undivided attention.Its  only fair and claims she is working hard at becoming a better performer.None of this is concrete but if Dara does début in Step Up the Korean version she just might put some doubters and haters to shame.



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