Deaf By Auto Tune

There is an old saying “Music is the universal language of the world” which explains why people mock,sample,plagiarise and flat-out steal beats.Music today is all about trends then really making or producing anything that has meaning.With everyone in a frenzy sampling the next trend that will boost up unit sales.This bandwagon effect has somewhat clouded most listeners minds with false vocals.Auto tune once know as vocoder allow a non singer to sing in perfect pitch.Minus actually having the natural talent or training. This all started thanks to American hip hop/r&b/ enthusiastic auto tune user extraordinaire T-Pain.Back in 05 T-Pain decided to branch out after making songs for other artists.T-Pain lack the talent so he used auto tune to make up for his sort comings.Debuting with “I’m n’ Luv(Wit A Stripper)” which was a top-selling track.Since then many other artists have decided to merge auto tune into their music and live performances.Mariah Carey, Brittney Spears,Janet Jackson,Kanye West and even hip hop mega star Lil Wayne.Now using auto tune has become so trendy no surprise that K-pop stars would use the same concept also.Scamming through my play list and listening to each song carefully.You’ll see and hear just how “auto tune” has become almost a need for every K-pop artist and song to have now.

  1. MBLAQ “Good Luv”
  2. B2ST “Mystery”
  3. After School “Because of You”
  4. Eun Ji Won “Siren”
  5. Big Bang “Lollipop”
  6. U-Kiss “만만하니 – Man Man Ha Ni”
  7. 2pm “Tired of Waiting”
  8. Tae Yang “Prayer”
  9. YMGA “Scandal” feat.TaeBin
  10. 4minute “Hot Issue”

I’m only mentioning 10 but the list is bigger and growing makes you wonder.What the hell is going on?Japanese artist are not innocent from using auto tune but K-pop has this down almost religiously.Seem every new artist or well know artists has at least one,two or maybe three auto tune influence song.I’m not against the  use of auto tune but some songs can go into over kill.The only problem it’s just some songs are not clever enough to pull off the “false” singing trick and not be so blatantly obvious.You may have an idea of what two auto tune ridiculous songs I’m talking about.

ZE:A(Child of Empire) “Mazeltov”

Just listen to the track you realize NOBODY IS SINGING at all.This actual doesn’t enhance their voice to me but give them this unusual non masculine high pitch.Auto tune is so heavily used you wonder if it’s really a vocoder being used.Next to using a Yiddish/Jewish terminology my guessing ZE:A was trying to more cultural and trendy.The next song takes the cake for being down right horrible.

2NE1 “Try To Copy Me”

There is auto tune used in this song but it’s not blending very well.The main verse track which is usually the hook referring to hip hop is lacking.The vocals are auto tune but also distorted making it difficult to sing along or understand what 2NE1 is saying.2NE1 has the talent to sing but this is taking away that ability in stead once again enhancing.

There is also an interest in house,techno, and electronic music in mainstream.Since the 2000’s club songs or dance songs have become extremely popular once again.In the U.S some artist manage to survive on  dance songs like Pit Bull,LMFAO and Far East Movement.Just about any artist is resulting back to dance songs but only a few have used techno,electronics and vocoders samples.American r&b artist Chris Brown “I Can Transform Ya” featuring Swizz Beatz and Lil Wayne used auto tune,electronic voicing and basic hip hop beats along with chanting.This trend is starting in K-pop but the best example of using auto tune and electronic voicing is T-ara’s “Like the Beginning.”

Chris Brown “I Can Transform Ya” Feat. Swizz Beatz and Lil Wayne

T-ara “Like The Beginning”

This isn’t a new thing Daft Punk is infamous for using electronic voicing and techno beats.Nations like Germany have master this futuristic style of music since the 70’s and has develop different genres.

Daft Punk “Technologic”

Not everyone is a techno or electronic music lover many find it ridiculous.The heavy use of auto tune has some people going deaf.If not sparking an Anti-Auto Tone Movement.Thanks to American hip hop hova Jay-Z “Death of Auto Tune (D.O.A)” many of the west have grown tired of this talentless trend.Auto tune is becoming the common norm to use in recording studios and live performances.In the east it’s almost a freaking requirement to have promising unit sales.Eventually this trend will start to grow old and snowball effect will die down.In the mean time I guess fans and listener may have to settle for false singing until they get sick of buying.


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