C.NBlue Manager K.Os Fan Girls

C.N.Blue has gain a quick popularity with “I’m A Loner” the controversy of it being plagiarise has only begun.From Ynot leader Ju Mong accusing the single for having similar parts to “Blue Bird.” Ynot is a lesser known band given the opportunity for FNC Music to quickly backlash with the majority in agreement.FNC Music quickly apologize and rebuttal their statement. Ju Mong and original songwriter for “Blue Bird” may still want to go to court.After pointing out this issue isn’t between bands but songwriters Lee Sang Ho and Kim Do Hoon who already spoken in his own behalf.Seems C.N.Blue might be in the mist of a bigger controversy thanks to a FNC Music manager who cross a dangerous line.During a fan event on videotape shows him hitting a female fan.Striking her three or more times in the head.The original video tape has already been remove but the damage has already be done.FNC Music explain what happen and apologize.

The event happened on the 11th. CNBLUE tried to enter KBS building for a rehearsal but too many fans were in the way. Even with the help of security guards we could not secure the way into the building so the group [CNBLUE] decided to help out. As that was happening, a fan almost tripped Jong Hyun by grabbing on and pulling his hoodie, to which the manager reacted violently.

Our entire staff apologizes to fans about what had taken place; the manager has been given appropriate punishment and nothing like this will ever happen again.

Many fans found it awkward if not crude that C.N.Blue member Jong Hyun was smiling right after the attack.

Jong Hyun was smiling about the situation where he almost fell down, not at the fans getting beaten. He did not see the beating take place.

In the video the beating happen right near the van on what would be consider the left hand side.The victim name hasn’t been release or whether or not she will be pressing charges agaisnt the manger.No word yet if FNC Music has dismiss the manager for violently attacking a fan.This has left a bad taste in people mouth not for C.N.Blue but for the manger employed by FNC Music.



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