2010 Hip Hop Census

Happy Chinese Lunar/New Years its time to unleash the Tiger.I hope you celebrated your Chinese new year’s with family and friends.This year a lot of people state side are facing hard financial times but you can still find a way to bring in some green.Asian rapper Jin is spreading his wealth by having  some friendly competition. All you have to do is up load via youtube your best rap/rhyme on the current state of hip hop.Then compete to when a red envelope filled with some cash.

1. Record 1 minute or less video of your thoughts on the current state of Hiphop/music. (Be creative: rap, sing, poem, draw a picture, etc..or just speak your mind!).
2. Upload to Youtube.com (Tag & Title: Jin 2010 Hip-Hop Census)
3. Post link on AyoJin.com comment section of the “2010 CNY Hiphop Census” blog entry.
4. On Feb. 28th, one entry will be selected randomly out of the top 10 clips with the most views and he/she shall receive the $$$. So promote the clip to all your friends and family!

The key thing to wining something like this is truly your creativity and originality.The rap is about the current state of hip hop and there are a number of things to take in consideration.The heavy use of auto tune,more swagger then talent,the comeback of freestyle, or how everyone is ripping each other off(over sampling).Hip hop has been a gate way to speak out politically or revolutionary about issue affecting your community and/or  America.Good Luck! to all those who enter.


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