Se7en Where U At?

Remember Se7en who debut last year in the U.S with “Girls’ featuring Lil Kim.Who is really a big time well-known international Asian singer under YG Entertainment.Back in December Se7en made a little guess appearance at G-Dragon Shine A Light and was vague on the details about a comeback.Se7en at the moment has been resting and apparently preparing for a new album.Except this time he’s gonna stay in his home nation South Korea.Which he has been M.I.A for four long years.Two of those years were spent for his training in the U.S for his English debut.Despite the set back Se7en is ready to grace the stage again.YG had this statement about his highly anticipated comeback.

“The actual date of comeback will be decided upon after we consider the format of the album and its musical quality. We are expecting a comeback around May or June. So far, only 50% of the album has been recorded; however, it won’t take much longer.”

No shocker their Se7en did took one hell of a lengthy time to debut in the states.Lack of promotions and some disagreements between RQM Management and YG almost ended his chances.YG denying having any bad blood between RQM and that Se7en isn’t quite over with making it big in the U.S.This comeback will be many of YG artist trying to once again dominate and control the K-pop scene.Lest not forget Big Bang is still schedule to make a comeback.Big Bang is finally wrapping up their new promotion MV for LG Cyon Lollipop phones without their faithful and fellow YG artist companion 2NE1.Which will air the 19th of this month for the world to see.

This version of “Lollipop” is far more energetic than the original  but what happen to mystery “Lolli” girl(s)?

Thus far  YG has a full plate for Korean netizens to feast upon. Tae Yang,2NE1,Big Bang, and Se7en comeback in the works.Also a high chance for Big Bang’s Daesung and TOP to possibly release solo singles or albums.I’m diffidently keeping my eyes and ears open.Hopefully YG pulls through this year without all the damn drama.


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