Wonder Girls Comeback In April

With new member Hye Rim getting familiar with her fellow Wonder Girls.JYP is confident enough to start promoting their new full length album but in two countries.This album will be promoted in American.No shocker there the girls been preparing for their American debut but JYP doesn’t wanna leave the native fans out.This album will also be promoted in South Korea.

“The girls are currently working on their new album, which will including Nobody and four or five new songs. Furthermore, the girls are recording a separate Korean version of the album’s title track for fans in Korea.

Korea will be part of the promotions for this album. We are planning for the Girls to promote in Korea for a larger period of time than other countries.”

It’s been a painful two years since Korean fans heard anything new from the Wonder Girls.The controversy over why Sun Mi withdrawal has finally died down.The curiosity over Hye Rim is building up quite quickly.Wonder girls finish their Pop-Con performance here in the states.One can  suspect good things to be feature on this up in coming album.No new music has been reveal or the concept yet.JYP did close that Wonder Girls musically will be more appealing to a young teenage audience.I guess both North American and South Korean fans will have to keep their ears open when April comes around.



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