Ayumi Hamasaki Threaten?

Japanese pop Diva Ayumi Hamasaki is popular all over Asia but one fanatic has gone to far.Back in late December Ayumi receive a letter  from 42-year-old Motoyoshi Fujii mailed to her house.According to Avex the contents in the letter wasn’t out of the ordinary until he threaten to burn down label president Max Matsuura house.If Ayumi doesn’t pay 500 million yen then deposit it into a designated bank account.

Fujii plan back fire and Shinbuya police were able to trace the letter and place him under arrest.Fujii claim he was told to write the letter as an extortion scam for his gang leader.Ayumi herself did not read what was stated in the letter even though it was mailed to her house.An Avex employee contain the letter before hand and immediately notified the authorities.Fujji is facing extortion charges and also being investigated on how he was able to get Ayumi’s home address.


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