BEAST Take Over In March

BEAST debut last year with the many rookie groups competing for our attention.BEAST made it big with “Bad Girl” and “Mystery” that continue to dominate the K-pop charts.Seems everyone in K-pop world is gearing up for 2010 comebacks that will be bigger,better and badder then last year.BEAST manage to make a name of themselves this doesn’t mean they  made it yet.Mega boy bands like Big Bang are making a comeback.Can BEAST hold their grounds and out shine them? Maybe but already Cube has leak BEAST track list for their 2nd mini album.A few photo promo teaser wouldn’t help either to drive fans nuts.Shock of The New Era drops March 2nd,already I’m excited.MV behind the scene photos are leaked but no song tease.

Shock of the New Era Track Listing

01. Just Before Shock
02. Shock
03. Special
04. 내 여자친구를 부탁해 (Say No)
05. Easy


TrackListing: AllKpop


Untitled MV B.H.S Photos and concept


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