Steve Yoo Shut Up????

Steve Yoo (Yoo Seung Jun) is a former Korean pop star from the late 90’s with hits like “Passion”,”NaNaNa,” and “I Will Ae Back.” Also a  brief stint as an actor in Chinese Jackie Chan movie Little Big Soldier(Junior Soldier).  In the past proclaim himself a proud Korean and would serve his mandatory military duty.When the government came knocking on his door Steve Yoo left the country fleeing to the United States and earning his citizenship.Fans and nationalist felt total betrayal from Steve Yoo.Because of this Steve Yoo was exile from the South Korean nation instead of facing harsh jail time.Many are comparing Steve Yoo situation to  Jaebeom’s resign from 2pm over mypace comments offending Korean nationalist.Steve Yoo statement about Jaebeom can not be ignore.

“My heart goes out to him. I wondered how he could continue on after such an incident. As a young man he made a mistake but if people make mistakes, if given the opportunity of a second chance, don’t you think he could grow and blossom into something much larger?”

Steve Yoo words are sincere many feel he is being an idiot for comparing the two.Steve Yoo exile was from his desperate attempt to dodge mandatory military service.A requirement legally obligated by all native-born Korean males to do but if they are the only male(father dead) in family can be excused.He successfully immigrated to US and earn citizenship but has disgrace his patriotic Korean pride.Although millions of Koreans leave South Korea in order to pursue better lives in the US.Steve Yoo action prove to be the most disputable but logical.

Jaebeom leaving from 2pm was to spare himself any further death threats and publicity criticisms from nationalist and anti-fans.By removing himself he saved 2pm chances of being a successful group but somewhat sacrificing his own career in the end.Many fans still mourn over Jaebeom departure and wish form him to comeback.Others may view this as a selfish act and a way  not to man up to his responsibilities.Without the presence of Jaebeom 2pm is still able to have top unit sales even if there is no leader to guide them during performances.The door still remains open in hopes of his victorious return.

I understand why Steve Yoo reason for comparison even though it seem so vague to others.The situation are no where similar but the emotion behind them both men had to face.Disappointment, humiliation and feeling of being exile.Steve Yoo legally was, Jaebeom feels it symbolically.Steve Yoo doesn’t deserve such harsh comments for speaking about Jaebeom.Many fans need to learn the power of empathy in order to grasp the hidden message and the two extreme decision both had to make.

Source:Quote and Photo AllKpop


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  1. sg4life
    Mar 23, 2010 @ 04:30:59

    Hes wack! loser!


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