SunMi’s International Support!

Who said K-pop isn’t popular you must be living under a rock.Sun Mi ex Wonder Girls member who left because she want to be closer to family and continue her education.Wonder Girls fans mourn over her quick departure and have sent out support from different places all over the world.

To us you will always be a part of WG!” one fan from Brazil wrote in her note. “We will support your decision no matter what. What matters is that you are happy. We’ll always love you!” Another fan from Thailand said, “Even though I don’t want you to leave, I respect your decision. I hope you will be happy with your decision & studies.” Others promised to save the world with Sunmi in the future together, and others reminded her to keep smiling and stay happy with her decision.

150 purple balloons in memory of Sun Mi how freaking sweet.Wonder Girls have fans from North and South American to England and New Zealand to Europe and  South East Asia all those nations  in between.There is one positive message that I like  mention in the clip.No matter what decision Sun Mi made they totally respect her with full support.Some other fans of other K-pop groups can learn from this act of fandom.


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