Jaebeom After Math

So it’s official 2pm leader Jaebeom isn’t coming back and the group remains a solid six.The conference meeting should had help clear the air over JYP lengthy message from their main website.Revealing that Jaebeom was seclude for a comeback but had confess something that cost him his own career.Whatever this harsh offense was JYP would not disclose to fans and remain strictly tight lip about the issue.After the press conference fans should understand and appreciate if not give up the fight.Sadly you are mistaken instead people were crying,shooting and it they could be willing to burn JYP tower down.They didn’t burn JYP tower but shut down many non-following Jaebeom fan sites that are dedicated to other 2pm members.The approval rating is down 14% as so-called 2pm fans have turn their backs on the group for not getting what “they” want.Once devoted fans has turn into an ugly obsessed mob disbelieving over Jaebeom’s confession and seeing it as a conspiracy.Forgetting that JYP entertainment is a company, a business that not only protect the images/names of their artists and employees  but themselves from any legal and/or public backlash.

The Hottest refuse to give up and compare themselves  to one of the most evil diabolical creatures (not human) leaders that almost destroy the free world.Hitler, in a parody about Jaebeom not returning.

The back drop of Hitler is quite evil and very offensive to anyone.The only group of people who praise Hitler are The KKK ,racist skin heads and Neo-Nazis.All who are against non Anglo-Saxon(White/Caucasian) Christian people and promote “racial cleansing.” Why would Hitler care for an Korean color boy or group?What possess the Hottest to use such a strong analogy and pretty much slap the German people across the face? Many fans consider if “funny” and “calming” but couldn’t they use a better example instead of Hitler.How about Dr.Martin Luther King “I Had A Dream” a powerful speech international recognize around the  world.

“I had A dream,That Jaebeom would return back to 2pm,Bring back 2pm heavenly glory and be a seven again,I had a dream, that JYP will bring peace and sanctuary among all 2pm fans,by bringing this man back……”

That’s better than comparing yourselves to a mad man who wanted to genocide the world.What ever happen to showing love and support the right way?

All this doesn’t quite makes sense for fans to become so full of anger towards JYP.You don’t have to ask JYP to answer that reason “why” Jaebeom was terminated but  ask the main source.Through this whole event Jaebeom has remain quiet and keeping a low radar.Only popping up when competing with his B-boy group Art of Movement.Photos of other 2pm members being leaked out supposedly drinking and hanging out with other girls at clubs.

Much celebrities like to keep their private life private no matter how much the public wants them to reveal.I understand fans who are going through a rough time with accepting the idea that Jaebeom isn’t coming back.The equations


is the most bias thing I had ever saw created by so-called dedicated 2pm fans.Jaebeom left in order to protect the careers of the other six member and 2pm name.That JYP made this decision also when terminating Jaebeom  from any further contract agreements.Maybe fans just need to grow up and realize that an artist and record label still have some power  at making finally decisions.Yes fans are the ever-changing most important variable in the equations but an artist can be replace or jeopardize their own careers and will suffer the consequences of their  actions.What ever Jaebeom did cost him everything and he had to know that, why would he confess?He knew it was something he just couldn’t slide or be forgiven by his own label.Jaebeom is such a main piece and the only one who can truly answer that question.Fans place the pressure on JYP to fuss up what Jaebeom confess but honestly would they believe the reasoning?Would the fans see this as another so-called “conspiracy?” If fans heard this from Jaebeom’s mouth would they backlash against him?Harass his family and friends drag his name through the mud? I learn not ever battle is worth fighting and not everything said must be known.You know the old saying “Some things are better left unsaid.””The truth is far more painful than the lie.” Like I said before I’m not gonna stop supporting JYP and 2pm just because Jaebeom had left for reasoning still unknown.I respect Jaebeom’s privacy and JYP choosing not to say in order to protect him from any further damages.A true fan would understand it and move on instead of moving backwards by protesting and boycotting.I wish Jaebeom the best of luck and find happiness on whatever path he chooses in life. I truly do mean this for fans also who are still hurt.Support 2pm! Don’t allow the actions of one person be death of the other six.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hanaheartsunmi
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 18:37:16

    They killed Park Jaebeom do you think Hottests can support them for the time being? Maybe when everyone will cool down but right now I don’t think it’s possible 😡


  2. spazifyouwantto
    Mar 01, 2010 @ 21:19:46

    fans are upset some will realize just how stupid things have gotten and some will just abandon the group all together.its crazy, totally turn psychotic and I think that video just prove how much this issue has gone out of control.


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