Outsider 2.5 Comeback

He is the fastest male Korean rapper that ever existed in K-pop under indie label Sniper Sound.Founded by top underground rapper MC Sniper who is Outsider’s mentor and collaborator.Back in late 2009 Outsider was struck with vocal nodules that place him on hiatus until his condition got better.He recover quickly and  embark on his second installment Vol.2.5 The Outsider.There is one thing that Outsider possess in his music common with MC Sniper is the usage of non-traditional but complete orchestrated solos and themes by strings.Something I appreciate closely because I’m a string orchestra student myself.Over all the album style of hip hop I wish was far more popular.Allowing the music to be just as expressive as vocals and the rhyme which is a proper combination.I recommend this album as the hidden album to feed musical intellectuals that are over looked by redundant pop and hip hop artists/music.

Outsider:Vol 2.5:The Outsider

01. 달빛의 노래(Intro)/Moonlight’s Song

02. 주변인/Acquaintance

03. 피에로의 눈물 2 (feat. Gilme)/Piero’s Tears 2

04. 바람이 불면 너가 떠올라 (feat. Ilac)/I Think of You When the Wind Blows

05. 일장춘몽 (A Time-Limited Life)

06. 주변인/Acquaintance (Instrumental)

07. 외톨이/Alone (Instrumental)

“주변인/Acquaintance” MV


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