Hottest Played With Fire and Got Burn

I don’t know whats more embarrassing that the Hottest thought using Hitler would be funny or that their own would go extreme?Using an extreme message to get your point across seems tasteless but don’t think your subordinates wouldn’t take it a step further.Still infuriated over Jaebeom not returning these now called ex-Hottest have taken matters into their own hands.By obtaining the remaining six members citizenship registration illegally in order to gain more personal information.To the U.S we called this identity thief which is a federal crime recognized by all 50 states.South Korea is no more lenient on the issue of stealing ones identity.If caught its jail time and a hefty fine up to 10,000 USD or 10 million won.JYP entertainment first priority is to protect the privacy and safety of their artists.So you better believe JYP has made nice with police officials and will cooperate if anything unusually pops up.Take quick legal actions if anyone’s personal information release or threaten the young men.JYP isn’t bluffing taking  any attempts or  threats  seriously.

“After announcing on February 25th that Jaebeom would be no longer a part of 2PM, a few netizens started to attack the six members by saying inappropriate things and spreading rumours about them. We have talked to the six members to figure out how to deal with the problem, but decided that we need to understand the fans who have been notified of something that they cannot easily accept. The members said that they will handle their personal feelings better in future and be warmer in their approaches to the fans.

Some have however illegally obtained personal information about the six members including their citizen registration number and have been distribution and misusing those information. In order to protect the members, we had no choice but to approach the police for the six members on this matter.”

We would like to thank the fans who are supporting the six members in a time like this.”

The Hottest only claim they are supporting 2pm and only wanting Jaebeom to return.They’re not associated with these new radical anti fans who threat their cause.Yet at one point was on the same team with these fans.Seems Hottest got burn by the very same people who were fighting and protesting along their side.I hope those who threat 2pm get what they deserve and do no harm to 2pm or JYP entertainment.Its obvious things have gone to far with these radical fans not only did they embarrassed the Hottest and other 2pm supports but the South Korean nation.


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