JYP Conference Fan Meeting Part 2

AllKpop has release the translated transcript of 2pm conference fan meeting.This will be divided into two parts by AllKpop but I will divided up even more for easier reading and information.I will keep a close eye one what subjects are being told and have a brief summer before each part.

You can always Download Original

Note:Original Fan meeting is in Korean


Each member do not answer fully and fans become irritated.Teacyeon dominates most of the question which also irritates fans.The issue on “why” Jaebeom left because a back in forth verbal brawl Between 2pm and fans.2pm disclose that it was a “moral” issue and fans don’t understand. That 2pm remains close friends with Jaebeom but did all agree to his termination.


2PM: Hello, we’re 2PM.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Fan asking question (Q): According to a statement by JYPE, six members of 2PM agreed upon Jaebeom’s termination on January 6th. Any disagreement or concerns with the statement? I would like an answer from all members.
Host: I apologize, but as I mentioned before there is no filming so if you have a…
Q: (interrupts, irritated voice) Do not give them time to think, please answer right away…
Host: (interrupts) Then I will say it after answering these questions. Here is the last announcement for those that are audio-recording. This was agreed by both parties before…
Multiple fans: (irritated voice) We won’t do it.
Q: Please answer.
Junsu: I will go first. Yes, it is correct.
(Sound of fans talking)
Q: Nichkhun, please answer.
Nichkhun: Yes, it is correct.
Chansung: Yes.
Taecyeon: Yes, it is correct.
Junho: Yes, it is correct.
Wooyoung: Yes.
New Q: I want the six members to talk about their honest feelings. I want to know if you all consider Jaebeom to be unfit for leader or member of group 2PM. An official statement says that Jaebeom was considered unfit to be the leader due to personal wrongdoing and you all agreed upon his termination because he needs to be morally responsible for his actions. Members agreed on that matter on January 6th. But after that, a member called Jaebeom a good brother and said he missed him on February 14th. Also, someone said Jaebeom was a jewel on a TV show, not to mention the “us seven” remarks. All those things were said after you all decided that Jaebeom was unfit. Then can we consider these statements to be saying that you are not concerned about Jaebeom’s morality and are only concerned about his abilities? Also, such comments about Jaebeom after a decision has been made appear to be telling lies to and deceiving fans. Then aren’t moral levels of the six members questionable also? I will ask again. When reflecting on moral levels of each member, do you really think Jaebeom is unfit to be a member of 2PM?
Taecyeon: Yes.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Q: All members must answer.
Junsu: Yes. I think he is unfit.
Multiple fans: Go on.
Q: I want answers from all members.
(Sound of irritated fans)
Q: (raises voice) Answer!
Nichkhun: Yes.
(Sound of fans demanding that the member explain his answer)
Q: Let me summarize the question for you, since you don’t seem to understand such difficult words. You all agreed on Jaebeom quitting and being terminated from 2PM on January 6th. But after that, you continued to deceive fans by commenting on him. What was the reason behind that? Aren’t you just using fans to make money, and if so, do you all really have rights to ask for love from the fans, and if so, then don’t you ever question your own morality? No yes or no, explain your thoughts.
Taecyeon: Not deceiving but more of not being able to make a decision ourselves. We made an agreement but Jaebeom was still our member and we still think of him as a good friend.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Q: (interrupting a member trying to speak) He is unfit but he is a good friend? Are you all saying that Jaebeom has moral problems but since he can rap and sing and do something he is good in terms of his abilities?
Taecyeon: I didn’t say he is a good friend in terms of his abilities, we really think Jaebeom is a good friend but since he did something wrong we cannot accept him.
(A fan tries to ask a question but host interrupts her)
Q: I want answers from all members. Taecyeon seems to be speaking for the team…
(The fan tries to ask a question again but the host keeps interrupting her)
Junsu: I will answer. Our fans must be wondering what Jaebeom did to cause such problems…
Q: (interrupts) No. I don’t want to know about his personal life, I want to talk about marketing that uses him.
Junsu: We were with Jaebeom during Again and Again and I Hate You, and even before that. So we said we thank Jaebeom when we got awards but really, when we heard of the news we thought it would be hard for Jaebeom to be 2PM’s leader anymore so that is why we made a decision.
Fan: Are you joking? Really, do you think you’re telling a joke?
Multiple fans: We want to hear from other members.
Nichkhun: What I said during the fan meeting was because I really missed Jaebeom so I said that but as we said Jaebeom couldn’t come because of what happened.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Q: Got to tell us about him not being able to come.
Nichkhun: (mumbles)
Multiple fans: Speak in English.
Host: This is a tough question and as you know, his Korean isn’t 100% so he could speak in English if you could excuse him since his Korean isn’t 100% and bad choice of vocabulary could end up not well so regarding that we will do what you want. Chansung, please speak.
Chansung: I think, a friend who is really close and is like a family member made a mistake and, I’m just saying for example here, did something bad but I don’t think it is right to talk badly about his morality or anything. I mean, even thieves have really close friends.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Fan: Is Jaebeom a thief?
Chansung: I was saying…
Fan: What a dumbass.
Chansung: So what I think is that you must be asking why did we say those things after what happened to Jaebeom, but we could say those things because he is still a good friend, and… (pause) what we’ve been saying, we could say we’re 7 and we miss him because what happened did not get announced yet and I think we can still say those. Like I miss him, he is a good friend.
(Fans laugh)
Fan: Wow, I’m getting a really good laugh out of this.


The issue is pressure more on why Jaebeom has left as fans question 2pm loyalty. Fans become confuse by 2pm explaining how they care about Jaebeom but still chose to terminate him base on his confession.Wooyoung question the fans intention and brash behavior towards them after they answer.Then lets out a heart felt speech on his emotion about Jeabeome relationship with them.


Junho: We know of course how hurt you all are. But what’s important is that I don’t think we used Jaebeom for marketing. When we were planning Heartbeat we did it wanting Jaebeom to come back and thinking he is coming back. Before January 6th, no, January 3rd, whatever program we were on or award show we were at we sang thinking about Jaebeom and him only. Really, that is not a lie. We have no reason to intentionally hurt you. I’m sure many of us miss the days when we were 7. We do too, by a lot. For us to come back like this we prepared a lot and Jaebeom practiced a lot in States and while watching videos of him dance we were thinking when he comes back, we’re going to be on the top. That is why we were giving you guys little hints, for example what I wrote in “thanks to” in our album.
Fan: Thanks to is thanks to.
Junho: But after we learned of what happened on January 3rd, even we hated him for a little while. We had made the path for him to come back…
Fan: Who made that path? We f*cking made that path.
(Sound of fans talking)
Junho: You all made the path. You made that with us. Isn’t that right?
(Sound of fans talking)
Host: Please wait until the answers are over to…
Fan: (interrupts) We cannot communicate if we keep on making reactions while a member is speaking.
(Sound of fans talking)
Fan: (continues on) We can’t hear the answers clearly and ask questions, so please do not react like this when members are answering questions.
Host: Junho, please continue.
Junho: Anyways, we all made the path. Not just the six of us but with the help from all of you. Thanks to all of you who love Jaebeom. Because we were making that path, we hated him when we heard that story and we were so sorry to you. We felt so sorry for fans who had faith in us. I was going crazy. We were together and couldn’t say anything. When we heard of what happened, all I could do is just think of the path we were making and was literally stunned for a while. If someone learns of what happened or you learn about what happened, you’d feel the same. We cannot talk about what happened because we respect Jaebeom. Those of you that are laughing, I know you think this is absurd. How do you think we felt when we heard the story? We thought you were our strength and Jaebeom’s strength so we valued you so much. I am so sad about what’s going on. You all spent about 2 years with Jaebeom. We spent from 3 to 5 years. That is why we were so sad. You might laugh at us but we are over that level, we are just plain going insane, because we can’t be with Jaebeom. The awards we received, we felt that we needed to really thank Jaebeom and all of you so we think we could mention him, at Seoul music awards that you are all concerned about.
Q: Wooyoung, please speak.
Wooyoung: I’m sorry but may I ask a question to guest who asked a question? Not only to you but everyone who are here today. Do you want us to answer just the questions you have prepared today, or do you want to just hear us talk seriously?
Multiple fans: Both.
Wooyoung: Serious talk should be answers to questions. Honestly, my heart is breaking down… (sighs) we came here today willing to invest the entire day and talk seriously with all of you. Please understand that our answers may get dragged on and we think this conference is valuable in that we can tell you our serious stories. We are really sad and heartbroken about what happened. In my case, I wasn’t good enough to be a member of 2PM, as you all know I lacked acrobatic skills or singing skills and thanks to Junho, Chansung, Taecyeon, Khun, Junsu and our leader Jaebeom I could be in 2PM. I was thankful of and felt sorry to our members each and every day because I was not good enough. We could do this together thanks to our trusty members. Even when we were hurt because of little things we tried to talk those out. Although we didn’t have any fans in the beginning but we tried and one by one we started getting those that would cheer us on. I felt really thankful and realized what it feels like to be proud. Every album we tried out best. Jaebeom can make mistakes but really, we might be able to forgive him since we trust him and you all might forgive him… yes, we forgive him. You heard it, right? We forgive Jaebeom. But we made such decision because… (pause) we are not the only ones in this world. Other countries and other nationalities. Living things. We are not the only ones in this world so we couldn’t just think about ourselves. Because we thought about others we started thinking into the future. Thought about we might feel really hurt now, but will we regret out decision in future? Those were our concerns. This decision left a crack between our fans and us. We do not want that, nor do we want a crack between Jaebeom and us. We prepared with all our heart and because of that the crack feels so wide. I spoke with all my heart but if you still feel the need to point fingers at us, please understand the feelings of us 7 of 2PM, that way we can be over this crack and together again. Those are my thoughts.
Junsu: It is obvious for you all to be angry and hate us. You all loved us so much but those kids made an absurd decision, so the words we say must be hateful and hurting. But as Junho said, think about how we would feel, and we did not give up on 2PM. We came to that decision regarding Jaebeom because we had no choice and it makes us sad. I dare say it is really sad. (raises voice) we made that decision because we had no choice but to. The reason we keep calling him a good friend is because he really is. It is above the level of something social or humane; even we can’t protect him from it. (sigh) Please understand us.
Nichkhun: It breaks my heart.
Junsu: The situation where you are angry and misunderstandings are being built, having to hold a conference is really tough. Things happen during lives. We will try our best in answering you today. Thank you.


Translations:Oneday Room


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