JYP Coneference Fan Meeting Part 6

AllKpop has release the translated transcript of 2pm conference fan meeting.This will be divided into two parts by AllKpop but I will divided up even more for easier reading and information.I will keep a close eye one what subjects are being told and have a brief summer before each part.

You can always Download Original

Note:Original Fan meeting is in Korean


More on his contract agreement and if fans can sell any merchandise that has Jaebeom.Again a fan question whether or not people understood the Myspace comments.In the past JYP mention about taking 2pm to the U.S but at the moment according Taecyeon that isn’t happening nor would Jaebeom be replace or anything of that nature.


Q: Could you tell us about the content of contract termination?
Rep: It says, “the contract between two parties is now void.” No other clauses exist.
New Q: (in English) Do you guys have any plans to go to the US and would you be introduced as a 6 member group and do you have plan for new leader?
Taecyeon: There are no plans at the moment. (In English) We don’t have any plans right now so I don’t think we’re gonna have like oh, we’re gonna pick a new member, pick us a new leader or we don’t have anything like that. I don’t think we’re gonna pick a new leader or go to US… we were a 7 member group but now we’re 6, we’re not gonna say that. It’s always been decided. We are 6 now.
New Q: (in English) I was wondering if that whole MySpace comment, if that didn’t happen at all, would Jay be kicked out of 2PM?
Rep: (in English) By this matter?
Q: (in English) Yeah. Well, if the MySpace didn’t happen, then this whole controversy wouldn’t have happened either?
Rep: (in English) Yeah, sure, sure.
Q: (in English) So he wouldn’t have been kicked out.
Rep: (in English) Yeah.
(Note: The English speaking fans have an accent and the JYP rep does not appear to be fluent in English so both parties may not have meant what they said.)
New Q: Can’t there be conflicts between members and the company? Sometimes the opinions of the seven members and the company are not the same, right? What do you do when that happens?
Taecyeon: Regarding what?
Q: Everything. The Jaebeom situation or the conference, opinions can be conflicting. I think some might say oh, I don’t want to do that. What do you do in that case?
Taecyeon: There haven’t really been any serious disagreements, and even if they do happen, the [idea of the] company forcing their opinion [on us] is just ridiculous and we’re not the kind of people who would just obey them. If a disagreement exists then we talk it out.
New Q: Members agreed on the termination on January 6th, but you officially terminated him yesterday. You must remember how you requested the fans on January 14th to not sell any Jaebeom-related merchandises. So since the contract is over, can we be selling anything related to Jaebeom now? Or can members of AOM make merchandises related to Jaebeom and sell them?
Rep: About the story about January 14th, I heard about that afterwards as well. Only very few people within the company were involved in that and only very few people know about that exactly since it is related to his privacy. About the contract thing, because Jaebeom is part of the AOM crew, the company has no right to control that.
Q: So you don’t care about merchandise?
Rep: We don’t care.
Taecyeon: About the merchandise, it belongs to Jaebeom. You need permission from Jaebeom himself. Why are you already coming up with ideas about selling them?
Q: No, I didn’t say I was selling…
Taecyeon: You just said selling.
Q: Selling is not the point, I was just asking whether I could do it or not.
Taecyeon: Yeah, ask Jaebeom.
(Sound of fans talking)


Fans question if Jaebeom parts in songs to be replace and that is he allow to sell merchandise with his new B-boy dance group Art of Movement(AOM).That Jaebeom hold any copy rights or shares to 2pm music but Jung Wook explains he has more of “performance rights” than anything.Then fans ask members do they find Jaebeom behavior a little insulting after he left South Korea and termination.Chansung admits he wonders about Jaebeom’s behavior and would want to ask for himself .


New Q: I have a little more to ask about contract termination. Although Jaebeom is not a part of 2PM right now, he was with them in 1st and 2nd single. The six members will continue as 2PM, right? So when 2PM sings songs from the first and second singles in like yearend award ceremony or something, there are parts of Jaebeom in those songs, right? Does Jaebeom have copyright for that, and if so, does he get a share of income from those?
Rep: When an artist sings, they automatically gain this right called ‘performance right.’ Artists are members of the performers association. The rights associated with the performance of their songs are something that the artist must seek from that association. For us, having to revise the song because we’re missing a member and things like that, we need to start working on those now.
New Q: The members said it too, saying they think Jaebeom as a family member and such, and you said the decision was made in this case in order to defend Jaebeom. But nobody knew of that issue with his personal life. Nobody knew of it until he called you on December 22nd. Was it possible to ignore the problem since nobody knew of it? And did you mentioned the word “personal life” because of your guilty conscience and because of the company’s policy? You used the word to make the fans understand of the situation, you said. Then why did you put such emphasis on his personal life when it is impossible to ask the fans for a solution and when you weren’t communicating with the fans at all? And you always use to word family; shouldn’t family be defending and ignoring the issue even though the fans tell you to do otherwise?
Rep: The same questions are being asked over and over I think…
Q: (interrupts) I think it’s different. He said it out of his conscience, there are so many rumours out there and why the personal life? Were there other pressures?
(Sound of fans saying let’s stop asking the same question)
New Q: According to the official statement, Jaebeom who confessed about his big mistake on December 22nd still came out to b-boying events after that. Also, before that day, he would hide his face or wear a mask or something, but now he shows his face, gives autographs to people who ask for it, talks to people and wears clothes that fans sent him from Korea. It isn’t hard to tell that footage of the b-boying tournaments will go on YouTube and be viewed by the entire world, so someone who did such great wrong that they quit the team themselves… I mean, everyone knows of his personality, right? He bowed to the fans from the stage when the September incident happened, he left the country on the 8th, and so isn’t his current attitude a bit too proud for someone who did such great wrong? What I’m curious is that if he made such great mistake, how can he be going around like that.
Rep: You probably need to ask that to himself.
Chansung: We want to ask him that as well. Why is he acting that way?
(Sound of fans talking)


Fans ask if 2pm felt that Jaebeom would comeback after leaving over his Myspace comments in September.Nichkhum and Taecyeon believe he would but all this prior to his confession.Which was  made in December via phone call to Jung Wook.A fan pointed out the questionable hospitality JYP by so called visiting Jaebeom’s parents and having an expensive dinner with them in Seattle.That JYP was continuing Jaebeom’s training but in the U.S not in Seoul,South Korea.The rep back this up but claim these actions where made in late September way before his confession which jeopardize everything.


New Q: (in English) Hi, can I ask this to Nichkhun and Taecyeon. The comments he made on MySpace issue, that comment wasn’t to belittle Korea but he was just venting out, right, because there were cultural differences. So, when this happened, he didn’t talk to you and Nichkhun about it, and if you knew, you should’ve known that the comment wasn’t something so bad. So why did Jay feel the need to leave?
Taecyeon: (in English) The point is that, when all the Koreans found out about MySpace, no one cared. Everyone was like, ‘just go kill yourself’; it wasn’t like he must have some kind of reason to write that. No one cared about him, not even one single reply wrote, “We still love you Jay.” No one wrote that. What was he supposed to feel? I mean, Jay probably felt the pressure more than anyone could feel.
Q: (in English) So you couldn’t persuade him to stay?
Nichkhun: (in English) We thought that if he were to stay, he might have gotten hurt, by people around him, because people hated him. We didn’t want him to go, of course, but we felt that it was the best way to save him and save everyone without getting hurt.
Taecyeon: (in English) Think about it, I mean, luckily the fact that he left made a lot of people say, ‘oh, we were witch hunting,’ but the fact that it wasn’t like that so, by leaving it was the best thing that he could’ve done for us and for himself.
Q: (in English) And when he left, did you kind of think that maybe he might come back later?
Nichkhun: (in English) Of course. From the day that he left, we knew that he was gonna come back. We had that belief.
Q: (in English): Thank you.
New Q: The statement said that Mr. JYP went to Seattle on September 23rd and met up with Jaebeom’s parents. But according to our research, the parents never met JYP and never had dinner together. So why does the statement say so? Also, what was JYPE doing for Jaebeom to prepare for his comeback? Like vocal training and lessons and such, we want to know about that.
Rep: As the statement says, on the second statement it said that JYP went to Seattle, found some tutors and did mock-lessons and such, but stories about having dinner together is just made up by reporters. I don’t know how you did your research but on September 29th, we met up with Jaebeom’s parents. We met both his mother and father, and we met up with tutors and did a mock-lesson and talked about how this tutor is good because he teaches like this, and that is nice also, and such. That happened in late September, and as you know, the lessons with those tutors continued. But what we were preparing failed because of what was in the statement… what a lot of people are saying is that Jaebeom might not be coming back because of business reasons, financial threats. I can’t say which company but there was a major corporation that sought to use Jaebeom as a model, only Jaebeom. Up until January. We were discussing that too. We were thinking about having him come back through that advertisement.



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