C.N Blue Getting Sued?

C.N.Blue might have ended their promotion period but Ynot isn’t through with them.Although C.N.Blue “I’m A Loner” has earn them notice this also raise a question if the song was plagiarized.This controversy sparked up when Ynot lead singer Jo Mong accused C.N.Blue’s song “I’m A Loner” has plagiarized parts from “Blue Bird.” FNC Music fired back then quickly apologize for disrespecting the group publicly.Jo Mung claim this dispute isn’t between C.N.Blue and Ynot but between songwriters.The original songwriters for “I’m A Loner” Lee Sang Ho has already spoken for himself and disagrees with Jo Mung’s accusation.While Kim Do Hoon who co-written ‘I’m A Loner” remains tight lip on the issue.

Jo mung is already filing suit and his lawyer Kim Hyun Sung had this to sate.

“We are finishing up collecting related files and after that, we will file a lawsuit against the songwriters for the damages for $44,000.”

Are you serious $44,000?Many feel Jo Mung accusation are just a cheap shot to get publicity but its obvious this man means business.FNC Music will represent the songwriters who are being served.This would be  the first plagiarized accusation case actual legally being handle by the Korean Court District.


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