Top is Secretly a Panda

TOP being the amazing rapper from Big Bag has excellent if not a little eccentric fashion taste.Like G-Dragon except it isn’t some vulgar display of brand clothing purchasing power.More like TOP being mindful never to cross the line of looking like a lady and less of gentlemen with serious swagger.He may not rock guy liner like G-Dragon but he can rock a suit like it’s a required fashion must have for any hip hop wearer.In recent photos from Big Bang concerts( might be the ones from Japan) TOP resembles a peaceful if not moody,easily bored ,and sometimes temperamental animal know as the Asian Panda bear.

Seungri is nick name is “panda” for his darken eyes and lack of good iron.I think TOP can claim as being the true panda out of the bunch.I very sweaty but good looking panda that can out rhyme any bamboo eating fool.


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