G-Dragon and Flo Rida Make Nice

>sings< ~Its not pla-gia-rize after all!~

YG and the original composer to Flo Rida’s “Right Around” have come to an understanding.G-Dragon “HeartBreaker” wasn’t a rip off and YG didn’t plagiarize.To add more shock Flo Rida will collaborate with G-Dragon’s up in coming concert album on a remix track of “HeartBreaker.” SAY WHAT????

Yang Hyun Suk president of YG made it officially by releasing these statements.

“Flo-Rida, the subject of plagiarism controversies last summer, will be featured in G-Dragon’s ‘Heartbreaker’.”

“Last September, it seemed like the publishing company was going to sue YG anytime soon. However, we have yet to hear a response from the original holder of the song. We were frustrated so we contacted Flo-Rida last October, and Flo-Rida decided to feature in G-Dragon’s ‘Heartbreaker’ in November.”

“In order to avoid any further misunderstanding, we decided not to carry out with online services. The song that Flo-Rida is featured in will be released as a bonus track on G-Dragon’s live concert album coming out towards the end of March. All profits earned from future services will be donated to charities.”

Does this mean Yang Hyun Suk may want to work with Lionel Richie for a remix of 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care”? That would be cool if you think about.Old school r&B legend working with one of Asia’s hottest new female group who are influenced by r&b.I can see Park Bom sharing a duet part with Lionel with no problem.Even cooler if Teddy and Kush produce the track and it snag number one spot on the K-pop charts.Okay that was taking it to far but a girl can dream Teddy reaching musical glory…oops I mean 2NE1.

YG has collaborated with top and legendary hip hop/r&B artist before.For all you true YG fans Jinusean was the first to musically bring the far east and west together,commercially.Jinusean “All My People” featuring Snoop Dogg and Warren G,”Real Wunz” featuring Latino hip hop legends (my heroes) Cypress Hill and “Holdin” It Down” with Mobb Deep those who bump underground.Se7en even collaborated with Lil Kim for “Girls” during his solo invasion back in 09 for state side fans.

I’m still curious if G-Dragon is still place under investigation for explicit acts during his Shine A Light concert?This was a hot issue that quickly became hush hush and G-Dragon continues to make promotions and concerts with Big Bang.These allegations  were made against him during December and January there hasn’t been a follow up. Is this the quiet before the storm or is YG PR department finally doing their damn jobs? I can’t hate on G-Dragon to much he is becoming a well rounded artist that is making his fans think and keep them on their toes.

Congrats to Yang Hyun Suk on his recent engagement to his girlfriend of 9 years.I hope they have a happy and healthy marriage with lots of babies. ^_^


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