Hankyung Speaks

Like DBSK’s members Jae Joong,Junsu, and Yoochun along with  Super Junior and Super Junior-M Hankyung filed a lawsuit against SM entertainment.From unfair profit shares,harsh bias penalties and abuse of  human rights. Although its wise  not to speak during a lawsuit but fans have a growing concern about the young man’s future.Hankyung did an interview for Sohu.com disclosing his feelings of a possible victory agaisnt SM and an interest in acting.

This doesn’t say whether or not he is no longer with Super Junior but by filing his lawsuit does breach his contract with SM.The label itself has been place under investigation by Korea’s Fair Trade Committee of suspicions for having unfair contract agreements.It may be several months until Hankyung will have this issue finally resolved.You can only wish the best and hope this doesn’t cause a disbandment.


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