G-Dragon A Free Man

Back late last year prior to his Shine A Light concert HeartBreaker receive an NC-19+ age rating due to some lyrically content in “Korean Dreams” and “She’s Gone.” Despite the mature ranting and banned G-Dragon continue on with his first solo concert Shine A Light without any age restriction on ticket sales.Two performances during the concert had Korean committee officials and Child Protection agency angry.

1)Simulated act of sex with a women during “Breathe”

2) A viral video showing domestic violence in “She’s Gone”

Korean officials and Child Protection agency stop the concert and place Shine A Light under investigation.If G-Dragon is found guilty this could mean jail time,a harsh fine or possibly of not performing live up to a year.Seems the investigation has come to an end and G-Dragon is free of all charges except one.Although G-dragon isn’t facing any jail time or restriction from performing he still has to pay a 3,00,00 won or 2,600(USD) fine.

The courts came to an agreement that what G-Dragon did wasn’t age appropriate and can not do it again but he is still fined.In other words he committed a misdemeanor and the case was to weak for court.YG had this to say

[The issue] didn’t go to court or anything so we consider it basically a pretrial disposition.”

Both acts are consider “artistic” but not criminal enough for hard jail time.The bed scene during “Breathe” was dramatic theatrics and not pornographic in nature.

In the mean time a release of Shine A Light concert CD is in distribution.On the bonus extra CD features the remix of “HeartBreaker” featuring Flo Rida.

CD 1
01. Heartbreaker
02. This love
03. HELLO (feat. Dara)
04. Gossip man
05. My age is 13+Storm+Fly Gentlemen+G-DRAGON
06. A Boy
07. The Leaders (feat. TEDDY, CL)
08. Breathe
09. Butterfly
10. But I love u
11. She’s Gone(feat. Kush)
12. Only Look at Me(feat. Taeyang)
13. Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang)
14. 1 Year Station
15. Lies
16. Heartbreaker(Encore)

CD 2: Bonus CD
01. Heartbreaker (feat. Flo Rida)
02. This love (G.H remix)
03. A Boy (Choice37 remix)
04. Breathe (hitchhiker remix)
05. Heartbreaker (Choice37 remix)


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