Triple T-ara ?

T-ara “Bo Peep Bo Peep” had two version a sexy and kid friendly.Lately the girls have been going into over drive.Other singles like “Lies” and “Like the Beginning” survive with just one concept video.For “I’m Really Hurt” T-ara goes all out with having three videos version instead of having two.This new trend to have more than one video and more than one look isn’t new.In fact I find it quite interesting but it does seem like an act of desperation to have the audience focus on you more.Has T-ara go on the ridiculous side?I watch the videos and non really show a big difference maybe its the add placement.So are these hidden CF from their sponsors  indicates each video is different?Honeslty visually its the same thing over and over again.I do like the song “I’m Really Hurt” its stuck in my head.

Is Three to much?


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