Are You Ready For U-Know Yunho

U-Know Yunho is the leader of TVXQ/DBSK/Tohosinki but lately the group has been unable to do any music.Yunho is know for his sexy voice and slick dance moves.This past couple of moments he’s been living in LA working on a Michael Jackson tribute concert set for London Wembley Stadium June 8th.Yunho is THE ONLY Asian star to be part of the performance.Along with Justine Timberlake,Prince,Santana, and Janet Jackson.Attending of Blacked Eyed Peas,Steve Wonder and Beyonce to highlight Michael Jackson achievements as Jermaine Jackson (Jackson 5) will honor his late brother.The concert will be aired as a special tribute for all fans to see on the 25th of June.(Anniversary of Michael Jackson death)

The reasoning why Yunho was pick verse the many other inspired Michael Jackson Asian base artist was made clear by Mark Bush an official staff member for the London concert.

“while looking over world artists for this concert, the production staff who looked at Uknow Yunho’s promotion information/data and practice/rehearsals praised Uknow Yunho’s exceptional skills”

It’s true Yunho is inspired by Michael and when he  died left a heartfelt message on his blog.Who knew Yunho own fandom for Michael could earn him such an honorable position.Yunho will not only perform a tribute for Michael in London but also in South Korea’s Seoul Yongsan War Memorial on the 27th and 28th.Congrats Yunho  for representing Asian artist and South Korea.


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