Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates once known as Fading From Dawn started back in 2004.In 2008 suffer the tragic lost of bassist Richard Moonchan in a fatal car accident.The group decide to change their name to Royal Pirates because they felt Fading From Dawn wasn’t complete without Richard.The group consist of three talent souls Moonchul Kim (Richard’s brother) vocals/guitar,Sooyoon Kim/drums, and newest member James Lee/bass.All members are the same age (20/21) I’m a year older than them.I stumble upon this group when looking for SNSD covers.Royal Pirates are known for K-pop rock covers but they’re a legit rock band.Their influence are any where from My Chemical Romance,Saosin,Muse. to L’Arc~en~Ciel.Consider to be psychedelic modern pop rock genre.

SNSD “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” rock cover

DBSK/TVXQ “Morotic” rock cover

Wonder Girls “Nobody” rock cover

2pm “Again &Again/I Hate You” ^_^

“Crawling Out” Live

“Royal Villian”

“Like Butterflies” original demo

Follow Royal Pirates

Official Myspace Page



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