Bleach The Movie?

Bleach the popular anime comic series created(written/drawn) by Tite Kudo might turn into a movie.Reporter for Warner Brothers claim they’re in the processing of buying the movie rights.Bleach is 29 volumes long and is  publish through Shueisha with weekly updates via Shonen Jump manga magazine.In 2004 Viz Media (Inuyasha/Death Note) adopted and translated Bleach into a popular anime series aired on Cartoon Networks’s Adult Swim and Canada’s YTV for North America.The director/producer  Peter Segal (50 First Dates/Get Smart) with Callahan Filmworks.

This would be Peter Segal’s first action base movie and choosing a live action anime is a wicked way to start.The story still follows Tite Kudo original concept of Ichigo Kurosaki,the main character.A young 15-year-old boy who embarks the dangerous duty of being a “Soul Reaper” or “Shinigami” literally means God of Death in Japanese when translated.Ichigo purpose is to protect humans from ‘hollows” who prey among humans for souls.

Anime has been a gate way from many Japanese (specially J-rock) bands to break into mainstream media.Even those native to Japan which is consider to have the second largest music industry next to American(so much diversity/foreigner artists).With companies like Viz Media who adapt these animation but keep the original (opening/ending) theme song or OST has introduce those artist to a North American audience.Artist like Yui “Rolling Star” was once an  theme song for Bleach.Also including Aqua Timez “Alones” and “DaiDia” by Chatmonchy.I only hope the movie stays true to the characters being Asian and allows some hint of Japanese rock/pop music.

Yui “Rolling Star”

Aqua Timez “Alones”

Chatmonachy “Daidai”

Source:AsianFanatics and Reuters


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