WheeSung Ready Take Over The US?

The American music industry has it fair shares of top artist but that doesn’t mean a K-pop stars can’t make it,right?Wheesung is a former YG singer who is finding more success outside the company.Wheesung like many Korean pop star hopefuls is willing to embark  the difficult task.Establishing a singing career but in the U.S markets that will surpass Boa,Se7en,Kim YoonJin.Which he reavel in an interview by KBS “Talk Show Rock” and how he team up with famous producer Rodney Jerkins.

“After the impromptu interview I had, the producer liked my voice very much that he even asked my mother if I’m black. And Rodney Jerkins who were a bit doubtful at first, went on to talk about the plans for producing after hearing me sing.” “Because Rain, Se7en, BoA and Kim YoonJin had made it to the American market with Hallyu, I don’t feel much burden. I want to succeed.”

Wheesung,Jerkins and NeYo already compsoe two songs together from his stay in LA last July.Wheesung seems pretty confident that he’ll succeed.Only time will tell but don’t forget Wonder Girls are to drop their first U.S album in April.


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