SNSD “Run Devil Run” Story Version MV

So SNSD aka Girls’ Generation it’s not just for South Korean fans anymore.The girls have gain popularity throughout Asia and up the antics by scoring an endorsement deal with iPhone applications.Poor Big Bang.2NE1,and F(x) for endorsing LG Cyon “Lollipop” phones.SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” iPhone application also needed some revamping.The story version MV isn’t really any different from the original.Maybe SNSD is prettier and you see sexy black bitchy dress SNSD rip up cutesy SNSD posters.

To help spread the word Tiffany and Jessica in their best English(far better then mine) talks about the new SNSD “Run Devil Run” iPhone applications.

Are you interested did this interview make you wanna go by it?Maybe the revamp MV will????

Yeah no big whoop there but to unplug a computer to get rid of somebody.I wish I could do that in real life.


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