CreBeau Out For Blood

Crebeau is a Chinese cosmetic line thought to be endorse by yours truly DBSK/TVXQ when disagreements began to emerge over profit shares.Crebeau thought all five members were on board but SM who took over the contract agreements claim a different story. Crebeau President Kang has file a lawsuit against SM with Soul Central District Prosecutor’s Office.President Kang had these statements to make against SM shady way of handling business.

The questionable declaration letter, with UKnow YunHo’s and ChoiKang ChangMin’s signature, that was revealed during the press conference, was not written by themselves, but by SM Entertainment.

President Kang expressed, “During the confrontation, when asked how and when was the declaration letter written, Kim YoungMin, the representative of SM Entertainment stated that it was written by the company after listening to the opinions of the two members.”

President Kang then said, “If SM Entertainment is a company that follows standard procedures, then when a representative is to release such letter, even if the members had such opinions, it should be stated clearly in detail, and explained to everyone”, “However, it has not been taken seriously, and even to the extent of covering up the truth, wouldn’t it create some misunderstanding amongst the group?”

President Kang then claimed, “Last May, Representative Kim has personally confirmed and checked that the cosmetic business is merely a financial investment by the members, and has discussed about it”, “But now he has said otherwise, to fool the public and to spread the impression that we are the source of Dong Bang Shin Ki ‘disbandment’, which has caused much damage to us.”

I don’t think fans are blaming Crebeau as the reason for DBSK “disbandment.For the moment because JaeJoong,Yoochin,Junsu has file suit agaisnt SM who own all three brands DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki they’re unable to perform as a group.The context of the lawsuit goes far more deeper than a contract endorsement misunderstanding with Crebeau.The longer this lawsuit drags out the more SM Entertainment has made some rather bias business moves.SM may follow standard procedures doesn’t mean they have to follow proper business etiquette.



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