Jay Chou New Album?

Jay Chou is a top Chinese/Taiwanese actor and musician on high demand.Showing off his suit of Armour and a 4D virtual special effects for a concert and no kids you can’t make this stuff up.

“I think it’s very cool, because I haven’t used 4D in my concerts yet, I never thought I’d get the chance this time to use this kind of surrounding feeling. This is a very innovative move, I’ve never been part of such a dazzling press conference.”

Even playing with  new instruments for concert goers.

“We will try using some instruments we’ve never learnt before, this time it’s not just my individual show, I hope my team has room to do their thing, it can make the whole performance so beautiful, it can add points to my concert, otherwise I would be very tired.”

Jay Chou has been working on the movie The Green Hornet(release date in the summer) playing  Kato.He also disclose other events he has line up this year.

“In May I am releasing my new album, in June I will be preparing to hold my concert, this year I don’t have any plans to do movies, I’ve only got plans for movies next year.”

Seems Jay is focus and ready to make big waves in 2020.


Note:Jay outfit has given me the case of fashion deje vu.

I don’t know the music industry was becoming so hardcore.


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