GD is Flo Rida K-pop Buddies

Nothing more disturbing than having random rumors of plagiarism,maybe that was the wrong choice of words.Nothing is more antagonizing than dealing with accusation of plagiarisms.Last year G-Dragon’s “Heartbraker” was sought out to be nothing more than a rip off of Flo Rida’s “Right Around.” Blah Blah, a few things were said some fans were piss and G-Dragon almost got arrested but that was for something else.In the end G-Dragon on his 2-disc Shine A Light Concert CD did a “no you didn’t” moment by remixing the song “HeartBreaker” with Flo Rida.To add a little more hype Flo Rida is performing at Seoul’s InterPark 21st-22nd of May.Guess who is making an appearance on the 22nd,G-Dragon. So I guess Flo Rida making noise across the pound and friends in some high places.Tickets for the concert go on sale 13th of April.Suspect lots of fancams of this odd if not important union.


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