Cultrual Stupidity

Where I live there is  no such thing as Asian okay maybe I’m over exaggerating a little.Honestly it just Chinese take out and maybe two Thai restaurants.While leaving Denny’s my mother boost about how she would like to go to a Thai restaurant off of US41.I told her there isn’t any Thai restaurant there but a Japanese Steak House.She then said

“Thai and Japanese isn’t that the same?I mean there from the same place no difference.Isn’t Thai the same as Japanese?”

I just look at her and ask “Same as in because they’re Asian or from the same nation?.” She replay “sorta both” and I roll my freaking eyes.Then I told her

“First Thai food isn’t Japanese food one has lots of spices the other has lots of sauce and fish.Even the way Japanese people prepare their food is slightly different from Thai.Second,Japan is an actual nation where people who live there are called Japanese.Thailand is an actual nation where people who live there are called Thai.Yes both nations are Asian but they are not the same.”

My mom figure it out she wants to go to the Thai restaurant off of Cortez and the Japanese place off of 41.For a brief moment my mother  thought Thai and Japanese people were the same and had no difference.Yet this is the same woman if you call her a Mexican (we are Latin/Hispanic) and not Puerto Rican, claim we are all the same she’ll punch you in the face.I told her Asian people are like Latinos.Although most Asian people have a common ancestry or  similar cultural customs they are not the same. In fact language wise they vary , have different variation of speech and alphabet.Someone speaking in Chinese isn’t gonna understand someone speaking in Korean.For Latinos its traditional customs,native Indian backgrounds and dialogue of Spanish disputes our differences. After that my mother realize her cultural stupidity and apologize. Remind you my mother is a 51-year-old women who used to live in the most cultural diverse place in the world New York.Yet I was raised in this small as hick town and God’s over sized waiting room called Florida.


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