GD and YG in Court

G-Dragon being YG entertainment top leading artist and part of Big Bang isn’t quite finish with his December blunder.Back in December when Shine A Light made its concert debut two events went down the had South Korea’s Child Protection Services seeing red.One, he hump his back up dancer (so its seems) for “Breathe” and two, had a viral video displaying domestic violence for “She’s Gone.” G-Dragon was facing possible jail time for his vulgar display of artistic taste but those charges were later drop.

Despite being free from serving hardcore time the courts did fine G-Dragon a whooping 3,000,000 won or $2600 in USD.YG entertainment and Mr.Jung who were Shine A Light concert promoters pleaded “Not Guilty.” By doing this YG and Mr.Jung is claiming innocence which means another hearing.An individual associated with Child Protection Services explain reasoning for dragging G-Dragon and YG back to court.

Because of YG’s not guilty plea, we decided on another hearing to check on whether they are right or wrong. The official hearing is likely to take place sometime this month.”

By fighting this YG is making it very clear it seems unfair that G-Dragon has to pay fines.I don’t think Child Protection Services is gonna back down.This case seems to be more about morals than anything else.Most cases you need evidence to convict someone.Something tells me if YG doesn’t strongly point out how bias Child Protection Services argument is then G-Dragon gonna pay those fines.Good luck G-Dragon hope you come out a winner.



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