Jay Park Does Lauryn Hill Cover

Jay Park is one talented little bunny covering B.O.B “Nothing on You” with his own little rap verse.Once again he shows off his skills with Lauyrn Hill Cover of “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You” with once again his own little rap.

OMG he opens up with a classic pick up line.

your feet must be tired you’ve joggin through my mind
your like a star that has fallen from the sky
your wonder woman but who has lost her powers
man i’m working at the tire shop i get off in an hour so
if you dont mind would you come and pick me up
give me lovin and a hug cause i’ve been strugglin and stuff
theres no other like you so i know that i’m lucky to find
a girl so fine and kind and so explosive hot like dynamite
we can wine and dine and do it again a couple of time
i thank god everyday girl you brang my life to life
22 years old but with you a kiddish fool
livin in the emerald city but you are my biggest jewel
girl your a blessin i guess you work miracles
the most beautiful girl on earth appointed by guiness rule
beauty like yours its just an urban myth
usually a cool dude but with you i’m a nervous kid
your dressed to kill so your clothes are murderous
we connected faster then my internet service did

Once again he thanks his fans

and this song is dedicated to all of you
thank you for all of your love and support
사랑해요 =)

..and reminds you he is unstalkable

and just to clear thing up i do not have a twitter face book or myspace account
just a youtube
ok thanks guy
love and respect
박재범 ^ㅠ^

I think he should do Useher’s “Daddy’s Home”

just sayin’


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