2pm Without U

Thank you JYP for reminding us  how beastly men can ever be so handsome even in mud.No doubt 2pm is a solid six ready to continue their K-pop domination if not already.Their new song is making waves “Without U” being a little more gloomy if not totally “dark.’2pm tease fans with an emotional 30 second piano teaser now the single is finally here along with a visual spectacular MV.

This isn’t your typical back in the day 2pm.This MV is dark…really dark like its raining and Taecyeon is ripping off his shirt…dark.Visually the boys are staying true to being one the most beastly size men which I see as being totally unfair.”Beastly” excuse me if 2pm doesn’t skip meals and wanna look like real men.By having abs you can bounce a quarter off of if not stare for endless hours in amazement.Sound wise its far more gloomy but still having a dance beat in the background.It sorta toys with you a little and gets the wheels spinning. Can’t say this is a mega hit but then again I don’t believe this song is meant to be one.Either way if you’re a 2pm fan your gonna like it regardless.


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