Jay Park STFU

khuns rap part is fire. 2pm “without you” go check it out ! =)”

Apparently Jay isn’t allow to support if not have opinions about his former band mates 2pm.While 2pm is making a mini comeback once again as a solid six some fans are just not over “it”.By “it” I mean the whole Jaebeom leaving blah blah fans cried protest until their faces turn blue.Jay left this comment on his YouTube channel and fans feel it’s some what hypocritical if not inappropriate.

“Ugh, please don’t mention 2**…don’t do that please, love&respect,” and “Jaebeomah! Don’t even think about 6PM anymore…Please don’t think about them anymore and think about your pride…” to “Go check it out? stop Jay!!!!! You really love us? If so, do not promote 2PM!!!!! I’m sorry, I hate them!!!!” Ironic how our human nature tells us say negative things about others yet we still say “love&respect” afterwords.

How could you Jay you bastard! >creis<. Really is all this BS necessary and who are these fans to tell what Jay can and can not say about 2pm anyway.Noted I understand their want if not demanding him to keep his 2pm comments to himself.Damn,who the hell are these freaking people?Just because these fans have decided to no longer support 2pm doesn’t mean Jay also stopped.In all good fairness Jay was the former leader and is still friends with 2pm.I know shocking right 2pm stress this in their infamous press conference.I think fans honestly believe that 2pm was lying their pretty faces off.Jay is still buddies with 2pm maybe these so-called Jay fans turn haters need to take a freaking chill pill.

On to the next big news about Jay besides appearing in Korean film Hype Nation.Doing a 5 star collaboration with Dumbfoundead and Clara Chung Jay is also doing a another concert.Project Korea III was successful I guess Epik High/Map of the Soul also wanna team up with Jay. This will take place in Jay’s home town Seattle,Washington.

May 30th Kero One, Dok2, MYK and Dumbfoundead. With special guests Art of Movement Ft. Jay Park (Jaebeom Park)!

All this being confirm via Twitter so I guess Jay is moving up quickly.Sad part is that I live on the east coast in FL,NOBODY comes here.I take that back Far East Movement came to Miami and Orlando area why not Art of Movement?


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