Eric is Back????

Eric Mun is the bilingual leader/rapper of SM former mega boy band Shinhwa.The group out last many of its competitors being shy of 11 years before throwing in the towel.Other members like Kim Dong Wan,Jun Jin,and Lee Min Woo focus on solo music careers.While Shin Hye Sung and Andy Lee focus more on establishing acting/modeling careers.Eric for the past couple of years has been doing his mandatory military duty which put any further development of his career on hold.Other members like Andy,Kin and Jun also have been enlisted and is finishing their own mandatory military duty.

Eric was release on the 20th and there is already talk of a possibly solo album.Before enlistment Eric mostly focus on his acting appearing in various Korea dramas like Wolf back in 2008.Also in movies  Emergency Act 19,A Bittersweet,and Diary of June.Eric musically feature on Son Dambi “Bad Boy” and a few other random collaboration.If Eric is to release a solo album suspect a lot of hip hop. A Rep had this to state

“These days, he makes use of his time off after work to work on his solo album.His first solo album will have a very strong hip-hop feel.He’s working very hard to show everyone a different side of Eric.”

I’m happy to read Eric return back to his musical roots and is putting his acting on hold.There isn’t a lot of rappers in Korea (not in groups) that make it mainstream or dominates the charts.When Eric make his comeback is to believe sometime in July or the summertime.When other major K-pop acts like Big Bang will be making their comeback.



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