Gummy No Love

Gummy making her comeback and YG is pulling out all the stops.With the final release of her MV “No Love” in full.Seems everything is coming in full circle for the veteran singer.This MV and mini album Loveless is her first under YG label officially with any associations to MBoat (YG sister label).

YG stated

“Because this album is made after two years of absence, we produced two music videos at the same time to give more strength to Gummy.”

“No Love” has a little bit of everything some mild rock,hip hop,r&b and of course Gummy fierce but ultra feminine vocals.

“Because You’re A Guy” might be more aggressive if not more heavily influence with hip hop.Teddy (1tym) who’s done tracks for Tae Yang “Prayer” , “Where U At” and Taebin “Tabu”.Last year moon lighted as the main music director for 2NE1 self titled EP with “I Don’t Care” with the help of Kush (Stony Skunk) a mild reggae song that showed of the female group feminine side.Teddy explains what to suspect from “Because You’re A Guy” creations.

Because You’re a Guy was made with efforts to show the clear and sweet charm Gummy has that’s not yet known to the audience. Unlike the previous R&B songs Gummy sang, Because You’re a Guy will be focused on hip hop beats.”

Teddy is the master at sampling and incorporating popular western style hip hop beats to give YG artist a little more flare and edge.Gummy has adapted the “dark concept” look like so many other but I’m sorry this diva OWNS it.Fans are raven about Dara’s (2NE1) cameo appearance in “No Love” but honestly Gummy the show stopper.Loveless doesn’t drop until 29th but lets hope Gummy comeback is solid and bring back some soul into K-pop.



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