Ivy been Naughty????

Korean female pop singer Ivy two years back was in a stir of controversy.When an ex of hers threaten to release a so-called sex tape if she didn’t pay up 45,000.Uh,that’s totally called blackmail and its illegal in South Korea.Lets just say that never freaking happen but poor Ivy was embarrass.Last year Ivy made her comeback with ‘Goodbye Tears” which the promotion period ended back in January of this year.Her comeback was over shadow with harsh censorship I guess Ivy was a little to sexy for Koreans to handle.

Ivy been keeping a low profile since the first incident scandal and learn to stay private.Yet Ivy is in a stir once again for the same thing “a sex tape.” Fantom Entertainment deny that Ivy has a second sex tape or that she is the female feature in the sex tape. It  seems the neighboring nation across the pond China has the original copy of the sex tape in question.A Chinese news media called Press One has the original 2 minutes and 40 second long amateur sex tape.

The tape consist nothing more of a couple talking and music in the back ground oh yeah plus SEX.The couple on the tape is having a brief conversation in Chinese which seems kinda odd.Also suspicion of the tape being  professionally edited to mask the original participants.Hm,I don’t know about you but usually sex tapes are raw not edited.Fantom entertainment and Ivy continue to deny the sex tape.Seems obvious this is a fake to tarnish Ivy’s good name.I wouldn’t be surprise if Fantom will sue for slander or abuse of Ivy’s stage  name.When it comes to these things its hard to find the source but preventable from being aired and view by the public.


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