Epik High CNN Talk Asia

FINALLY Epik High interview from CNN Talk Asia is available for viewing.Epik High part of a massive Korean hip hop crew called The Movement (Drunken Tiger,T,Dynamic Duo,Eun Ji Won).Launching Map of The Soul (Dok2) housing the best and talented underground hip hop artists.Releasing their album Epilogue earlier this year that shot #1 on iTunes Hip Hop album charts.CNN interview main rapper and leader Tablo also Mithra Jin.

Tablo reveals his reasoning for being a rapper instead of settling as a Standford law student.”I love hip hop that was the music of my choice.” Tablo describes Epik High music as being “very honest” and that music itself “suppose to open your heart and let everything out,everything you can.” Tablo admits he finds this kinda difficult but has created a medium.Epik High being one of the few  authentic hip hop groups to ever break into mainstream K-pop.South Koreans are mostly pop lovers even Tablo confess but isn’t a “bubble gum type of guy.”

Groups like Epik High are under the constant threat of being silence by the South Korean government.Korean officials enforce strict  censorship laws even if it seems kinda bias.Epik High musically has been banned due to lyrical context.Speaking about education,Korean government and of course those outrages censorship has made them somewhat infamous.There is one issue that Tablo was freely willing to admit that most Korean feel shameful about,metal illness.”People afraid to admit they’re depress.” note taken since Tablo himself suffers from depression.He has publicly and lyrical spoken up about his metal disease with no fear.Encouraging others who do suffer to seek help and support.

Tablo feels unease but grateful of the raising interest in Epik High music and international reorganization but hasn’t change him.Frighten him a little but in all honesty he’s still just a normal guy.Hopefully Epik High music will help inspired the new generation of Korean youth to be more open but also independent.

CNN Interview Full


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