E.Via vs Pit Bull

Infamous sex happy Korean singer E.Via drops her new Must Have album and single “Shake.” Due to over tone of sexual content this album was given the 19+ rating.Some K-pop fans are already sniffing out for plagiarism.I feel like this is gonna be the run-on-joke by Korean netizens.No K-pop star is to popular,has enough oppa, or famous enough to escape this madness.Personally “Shake” doesn’t really remind me of Pit Bull’s “Hotel Room.” In fact she is quite water down and has no Latino fire.For a Korean song this chica doesn’t care to be banned.Lets be honest Koreans do bump uglies why hide the perverted truth?

I only vaguely hear the similarities but in all honest truth both songs are banging.Its freaking dance music people doesn’t require a lot of musical skill and is VERY generic.If Koreans are hyped up about this type of music then Diva Destruction “Broken Ones“will leave them speechless in horror.


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