Tablo vs Netizen

Apparently not all Korean netizens believe Tablo from Epik High is worthy or a shine.Tablo creator for Map of Seoul and Standford grad has one netizen green eyed with jealousy.Tablo disclosed his education and high IQ in this passing interview with Talk Asia CNN .Focusing on Epik High’s impact on today’s K-pop scene but also how Tablo came to be as a rapper.Despite the excellent interview a netizens claims that Tablo is a fake.When it comes to his actual educational achievements.

Tablo real name Lee Sun Woong when the netizens look under Daniel Armand Lee  no records were under that name.The netizen publicly made claims via internet that Tablo educational back ground was fake and his agency will go bankrupt.Tablo who caught wind of this netizen spreading rumors filed “Defamation of Character” to Seoul Mapo Police Station.

“Mr. Lee filed in his letter of complaint for requesting to press legal charges on a netizen who spread false rumors about him online. The rumors were suggesting that Mr. Lee’s academic backgrounds were all false.”

I hope Tablo wins his case and shuts up this netizen for good.



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