Rain For New K-Drama?

Rain been busy promoting his back To Basic mini album with major success thanks to “Love song” and “Hot Song.” Snag a few mini music channel awards and reclaim his title as King of K-pop.Despite the Queen furiously trying to knock his beastly size butt down.Rain will work with Kwak Jeong-Howan and actor Cheon Seong-Il for KBS 2TVs “Fugitive.” Sounds kinda edgy already director Kawk Jeong-Howan has this to dish.

“I’ve decided to make the drama with Rain and ‘Cheon Seong-Il’. This drama will be organized from late September to October, but the details of the drama are a closely guarded. It has not been decided whether it will be a 16-hour miniseries or a 20-hour miniseries, or a cloak-and-dagger story or not.”

Rain isn’t shy about returning to Korea prime time TV nor is he a stranger.he started appearing on small screen back in 2002 for Orange.Sine then debut on smaller series programs like Sang Doo!Lets Go To School(03),Full House(04),and A Love To Kill(05).Fugitive will be his first time working with director Kwak Jeong-Howan but Cheon Seong-Il second collaboration with Howan.There’s no date yet when this show will air right now its still in casting stage.



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