Time Be Told Analyze MV

For Immediate Release

Tim Be Told Releases “Analyze” Music Video and Announces Free Music Download

On May 5, 2010, Tim Be Told released a brand new music video for their song, “Analyze,” off the critically acclaimed “From the Inside” EP.  Watch the video now at http://www.timbetold.com/, where you can download the single for free and visit the newly relaunched Tim Be Told store.  Using real people rather than actors, “Analyze” highlights the internal struggles we all face and the battles waged between discouragement and hope.  The video, directed by Jonathan Moy, projects the band’s positive outlook, with hope winning in the end. Tim Be Told’s uplifting music has earned them a legion of fans across the country.  They have been touring relentlessly as a client of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment and, in between the dates, the band is spending some time in the studio working on a new record!

For those of you that want to see Tim Be Told perform at your university next year, the band has a limited number of shows that it will be playing at college campuses.  Therefore, send a booking email request ASAP to booking@timbetold.com to reserve a spot.  Don’t miss out!

See the band on tour live in a city near you and stay tuned to http://www.timbetold.com for the latest news and updates:

May 6 – Columbus, OH – BoMA

May 7 – Cincinnati, OH – Mainstay Rock Bar

May 8 – Los Angeles, CA – Panel at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

May 12 – Denver, CO – University of Denver

May 18 – Campbell, CA – World Mission Baptist Church

May 22 – Seattle, WA – APA Heritage Bash @ Ibiza Nightclub

May 28 – Wheaton, IL – WCAC Church

June 25 – Mineral City, OH – Alive Festival

June 26 – Nashville, TN – Lipscomb University


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