Super Junior Miinah

Super Junior is making their comeback which means they’re gonna tease us first.Last year Super Junior won fans with “Sorry,Sorry” and “Super Girl” high energy dance track.The trend lately in K-pop is this need to mature idol groups to make them more appealing to a broader audience.SNSD used “Run Devil Run” showing off a less cutesy girl concept and more bad girl dress in black.F(x)  for “NU ABO” has also mature their look up a bit.Sporting more creative hairdo and a better wardrobe even 2NE1 couldn’t fashionably beat,yet.

Super Junior “Miinah” (Korean for ‘pretty girl’) will mark their 4th album.Fans were disappointed when SM announce this will only be promoted by 10 members.Kangin who has left to do his mandatory military service.Kibum who is focusing more on his developing acting career.Hankyung aka Han Geng who is in an ongoing legal battle with SM due to contract disagreements and human rights violations.

Despite all this Super Junior encourage their ELFs to remain optimistic and supportive. The tease for “Miinah” will be nothing like you ever heard before.Just by looking at it Super Junior is showing off a mysterious but much sexier side.The sing;e “Miinah doesn’t drop until the 10th and album the 14th.


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