SunMi VS Lim

Just when you thought this fiasco was over and Wonder Girls fans could move on to bigger things.Seems once again like in the case of Jaebeom leaving 2pm US fans and Korean fans have become divided.Why you say because Honestly I think Korean fans are just that damn psychotic and bored.I’m not saying all Korean fans are like this but a few do make up for the many.

This all was sparked after a picture feature Wonder Girls on KOL(Kids Online related to AOL America Online) website for “Artist of The Month.” This all makes sense 2 Different Tears will drop the 15th of May. Some lazy jerk in KOL instead of using a new photo of the Wonder Girls photo shop Lim face onto Sun Mi’s.I don’t think this was meant to be mean more like “F’ it lets just use this one.”

Korean fans are highly piss off in the first place Lim is in this group.That Sun Mi has left and still feeling that JYP had something to do with this decision.The sudden replacement of Lim only breathes more conspiracy. Really it’s not like there are hundreds of young Korean youth waiting to be an idol stars.I guarantee major companies like YG,SM and JYP get daily request if not auditions from hopefuls wanting the opportunity to be part of some K-pop group or a shining star themselves.So finding a replacement for Sun Mi wasn’t that hard.

I understand “why” Wonder Girls fans are not in agreements with JYP decision but do not attack other fans for not feeling this way.Do not attack America fans for not stressing the issue.You don’t like it you don’t have to care.This isn’t the American fans fault but some lazy dumbass in KOL who didn’t take the time to find a new pick.This debate is going on and evening appearing on youtube channels.As a fan who is an American I am thrill to have Wonder Girls state side.I’m extremely piss off how Korean fans are bad mouthing US fans for supporting the new Wonder Girls.

All this bickering is from 2Different Tears teaser that was posted earlier.I feel guilty for indulging in this juvenile behavior but these Korean fans were going to far.This is giving Korean fans a bad image as being possessive and highly disrespectful.Stop attacking Lim,JYP and Wonder Girls fans who support the new change. I can never stress this enough Korean fans do not own the Wonder Girls and they owe nothing to you.I stress this when Jaebeom left 2pm and fans were demanding for his return.Claiming 2pm without Jaebeom is just not 2pm.How dare you determine the careers of 6 other individuals on one man.The same goes for Wonder Girls having 4 original and one new member.Support or move on to the next one,it’s all about the music at the end of the day.I support Wonder Girls because I like their music not just for one member.I hope other fans and new fans feel the same way regardless of the past.


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  1. anonymous
    May 09, 2010 @ 01:54:09

    They’re just trolls. Some of them use multiple accounts too; it’s a old tactic. China’s biggest WG community (Baidu) is even worse, with JYP antis & Lim antis completely dominating. Take the high road, I say. These troublemakers don’t care about hurting Sunye’s, Yeeun’s, Yoobin’s & Sohee’s feelings.


  2. Sisi
    May 09, 2010 @ 08:06:04

    Poor WG,,they really work very hard to achieve their dream. Sunmi leaves the WG because she wants to, are they think JYP want to do this? If JYP want to do this then why Sunmi join the Jonas Brother’s concert, then why JYP not kick her from the very 1st time when they will break the American market? Lim is innocent, she replace Sunmi because she decides to go, and Lim try the best. But these Korean fans who call themself fans just bashing her, being antis. How about the feeling of the other members? Sunye, Yeeun, Yoobin, and Sohee? They’re wathcing us, they’re reading the coments, the messages, they care a lot about their fans. But some of these fans who call temself fans just do something that really inappropiate.. What they need now are supports and trust from all of us. Support them and trust them that they’ll gonna make it.. America for Asian people is along journey, hard, and painfull. They’re just 5 girls who need us to make them strong and they’ll do the best. I love WG,,how about u?


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