Big Bang Shouting?

Big Bang fighting,Big Bang Shouting,Big Bang comeback????

Right now the mood in South Korean is festive as K-pop fans support their Korean soccer team.South Koreans are battle it out on the soccer fields of South Africa for the World Cup.Many K-pop groups ranging from Kara,T-ara,2pm,After School etc..have been endorse by major and local companies.Hyundai South Korean car company  is endorsing Big Bang .

The release of a  the first clip teaser showing all fab 5 members together not what you think.Instead Big Bang are developing a marketing strategy by themselves.Discussing this in a  lounge  office space in YG entertainment Tower.Daesung take the lead after making sure everyone can pronounce South Africa and location via using a globe.(?) The group began to brain storm ideas.G-Dragon suggesting a song, Tae Yang an MV and Seungri figures a dance should be made.Top and G-Dragon figure out a catchy hook that was difficult until Seungri started shouting.The group poke fun at Seungri but decided a “shouting chanting cheering” song was the best.That’s when the brilliant idea came about to find “shouting’ fans who have loud enough voices.I bet BB VIP would love to participate, fan girls can shout without holding back. Stay tune and see if Big Bang has reach their goal.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. syakila eleeza
    May 13, 2010 @ 11:12:58

    this is great!!!
    i love to see BIG BANG back in the scene!!


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