Junsu on 2pm

During an interview from Super Juniors’ Kin Heechul SBS Radio show PowerFM’s Kim Heechul’s Young Street.Group member Junsu spill his beans about 2pm being only a 6 man band.

“Honestly, the members are struggling and they are very exhausted these days, and I am so sorry because I have not been able to say encouraging words as the oldest one … The truth always prevails. I hope that the six of us will form stronger bonds to show our hard efforts, never forget what our original goal was and continue to work together.”

Junsu has a positive vibe about 2pm and a fighting spirit.First full album 1:59 allow 2pm to reintroduce themselves as a 6 man band.After the controversy over former group leader Jaebeom dissipated.The dismissal of Jaebeom and reasoning still remains a mystery. You can honestly say both parties bounce back and more successful than ever.Jaebeom has the lead role in Hype Nation and 2pm has two chart topping singles in South Korea.”Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” and the very catchy but moody “Without U.”Note:2pm will not entitle “who is the leader” of the group.Instead decide to see each other as an equal.



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