JYP been Naughty?

JYP once again is under controversy this time accusation of mistreatment done to the Wonder Girls.While training in New York in JYP Manhattan Tower.

Daniel Gauss was Wonder Girls former English tutor while staying in New York.According to him JYP did not provide health care and had the Wonder Girls illegally living in JYP Tower.

“I was shocked when one of the girls told me that the girls are not covered by health insurance in America,” he wrote. “I once saw one girl in extreme pain — due to a pre-existing problem stemming from a previous operation — who received no professional medical treatment for the pain and I saw others with minor ailments go untreated.”

Revealing this information to a Korean Herald news paper.He also added that Sun-Ye while her father was sick had difficult time seeing him.During the promotion period of Sony Ericsson in Sanya, China.According to Gauss Sun’s father was sent to the hospital and was put on life support after slipping into a coma.Sun-Ye still was schedule to perform despite the family emergency.

To add proof to his allegation that Wonder Girls were illegally living in JYP Manhattan Office they were fined.

A class-2 citation (violation No. 34765862, infraction code 208, section of law 28-118.3) on May 28, 2009 and fined for altering and changing an occupied building for residential use without a valid permit, but also defaulted on the violation.

C.E.O of JYP JUng Wook (remember him from 2pm conference fan meeting) claim that everything is false(big misunderstanding.)

Yenny spoke up giving phrase to the company JYP via Twitter.

꼭 한가지만은 말해야겠다. 어느 날은 녹음을 하다가 감기 기운이 있다고 했더니 비타민 한통을 주시면서 하루에 한알씩 꼭 먹으라고 하셨다. 또 어느 날은 천연꿀 다섯통씩을 사오셔선 아침마다 꼭 한숫갈씩 먹으라셨다.목에 좋다고. 생일이면 직접 고른 강아지 카드에 진심어린 말들로 빼곡히 적어주셨다. 이게 그동안 우리가 받은 부당한 대우다. 우리는 그만큼 돌려드리지 못했기 때문이다.

Let me say just one thing. One day, while recording, I said that I felt a cold coming on and he gave me a bottle of vitamins and told me to always take one vitamin everyday. Then, on another day, he bought five jars of organic honey and told me to always eat one spoonful every morning. Because it was good for my throat. When it was my birthday, you wrote me a heartfelt message on a puppy card you handpicked yourself. This is the kind of “unjust” treatment that we have received. It is because we were unable to give back that much in return.

Latter adding

@followjyp JY, u said the truth always wins and i believe that cuz u said so. just hope u know that we are here for u as u’ve always been.

@followjyp and we love you..! 🙂

JYP apologize posting a message on their website to ease concerning fans minds and clear the muggy air.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We want to apologize first for the fans who have been hit with this bad news while waiting for their big album release party.

On May 11th, the Wonder Girls’ former English tutor revealed information in an interview and upset many of you all. We want to clear up some rumors for those of you that are worried.

There are many things that were in the interview that are far from the truth. The Wonder Girls have had perfect health insurance this whole time and we have all records of that.

Controlling the members’ curfews, access etc in their dorm is illegal in both Korea and America. This can’t happen and shouldn’t happen. The members have been enjoying their freedom by themselves and they have absolutely no chaperone in their dorm.

It’s also false that the company made Sunye continue her promotions after her father fell ill. Sunye stopped her schedule and went to Korea to visit him. When he got better, she returned to America willingly and continued going by her schedule. The contract is written so that we can’t force anyone to do something against their will.

The reason we didn’t pay the building fines is because the American contractors of the building appealed the fines.

There are also people who are worried about the Wonder Girls’ visas. Since they wanted to start working in America as entertainers, they have acquired artist visas. After they received it, they started their promotions as singers. There is no need for anyone to worry.

Lastly, the Nobody single CD is a CD that has only one song, Nobody. American singles usually sell for $0.99. We thought it would be unreasonable to sell a single for more than how much it would cost to buy it online. All we did was match up the prices to what it would be online after we discussed it with the distributors. This is reasonable and contrary to what the people at the Billboard charts think. We have even received compliments from the American press.

The Billboard Hot 100 single chart determines first place by taking in the number of times the song played on the radio. (Bing Song count 50%, digital sales and CD sales 40%, streaming count 5%). The CD sales count for only 20% (since it’s split with digital sales) so it’s impossible to enter the single chart HOT100 with just good CD sales. As the Girls toured 54 cities in America, their digital sales and streaming count rose and their music played on radios in various cities, which seemed impossible for Asian singers. These young girls earned this outcome by working as hard as they could and to hear that they achieved this only because of cheap CD prices is an insult.

The interview with the former English tutor, Daniel Gauss, was held on May 2nd. He sent an email to the company and announced his resignation. His email talked about how his tutor fee was too little, how we hired another English tutor without discussing it with him, and how he felt displeased that the new tutor’s pay was higher than his . To clearly reveal the truth to this issue, we will deal with it through the law and have the person responsible for revealing this malicious content undergo investigation.

I want to honestly apologize to the Wonder Girls’ fans for concerning them, and I promise that I will do my best to prevent this kind of situation from happening again.

I want to sincerely thank the Wonder Girls who are working hard for their concert even in this situation, and to the fans who are cheering them on.

Everyone, please set all your concerns aside and comfortably enjoy the Wonder Girls’ new image today. If you look below, there is an URL leading to a fan-made video of the fans cheering on the Wonder Girls’ comeback, so we hope that you will all cheer with us.

This isn’t  major sit back for JYP and the Wonder Girls.Their new single “2 Different Tears” via iTunes will drop 15th of May ,which is only two more days away.This will be a fresh new single and song in three different languages (English,Korean,and Chinese).


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