Charice and Operah Make Nice

Charice was on Oprah and I miss it because I had to clean the house.This is her second time appearing on Oprah.She song her new single “Pyramid.” Sharing the stage  with newbie break out star Justin Bieber.Charice opens her heart and her trouble family past.Despite not having a positive up bringing she started singing at the age of 7 to support her mom.Since then has been on a mission to be a top international female star who happens to be Filipino.

This album is available at Target and iTunes having limited addition 2 bonus tracks.

1. “Pyramid” (featuring Iyaz)  3:58

2. “Reset”  4:23

3. “In This Song”  3:36

4. “Nobody’s Singing to Me”  3:38

5. “Thank You” 4:16

6. “I Love You”  3:05

7. “In Love So Deep”  4:08

8. “All That I Need to Survive”  4:05

9. “Nothing” 3:50

10. “The Truth Is” 3:22

11. “I Did It for You”  3:43

12. “Note to God”

Bonus only available Target/iTunes Store online

13. “Breathe You Out”  3:14

14. “Are We Over” 3:54


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