K-Pop In 3D?

I knew it once Samsung Electronics release a 3D flat screen TV K-pop was next?Director James Cameron (Avatar) will re-release Avatar DVD in order to accommodate Samsung 3D TV. Cameron and Samsung has join partnership to internationally launch this campaign. SM has also  join in on Samsung 3D TV being the first record label.Boa,DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki Yunho and Changmin are the top feature artist.Imagine that seeing these artist performing  in 3D on your TV?

Note:LG is also coming out with a flat screen 3D TV.Does this mean YG will sign up for a campaign endorsing Big Bang and/or 2NE1?Despite YG refusal to allow these groups to go international?

Here is a catch since I Know people who sell these type of TVs.You have to buy special 3D glasses that will cost close or over a $100.There is also a possibility of 3D Blu-ray coming out around the same time.These 3D TV will cost some were around $1,800-$2,000 range here in U.S. Gotta have some deep pockets to afford these TVs and DVDs.



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