Big Bang Shouting Korea Pt.2 & 3

Big Bang is in the festive nationalist spirit with mega endorsement from Hyundai.The boys continue on finding the loudest fans and brain storming a good theme song.Their journey seem effortless as the boys grow hunger craving for Chinese.The best part is a yelling,screaming  awkward TOP and Tae Yang.Geez those guys have a pair of lungs.Daesung has flash back of Kim Yuna and device an idea to have her involve.Sorry no English translation have to relay on your best Korean.

Part 3 shows a well dress Daesung trying to catch Kim Yuna attention.G-Dragon seem to imitate Daesung if not behaving a litte devious.Kim Yuna enters the room immediately Deasung “Long time no see” Kim Yuna “Um who are you?” embarrassed Daesung runs out like a geek.Quickly cuts to clips of Big Bang and Kin Yuna practicing.Sorry no English sub on this one either.


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